1. Is there another term that starts after Easter?

    My 4 year old daughter and nearly 6 year old son would be interested in the ballet. Also do you have any summer courses or camps?

  2. Hello,
    Can people join the adult class at any time? And if so what are the costs? Do they run to a term-time schedule too? Thanks!

  3. I am 14 and would love to have private contemporary dance lessons. I’m an absolute beginner but very dedicated and want to start competing. How much would it cost per term and do you think i could start January 2018 ?
    Kind regards,

  4. Hey 😀 I’m 14 and I’d love to start ballet just as a hobby and maybe get en pointe, do you think you’d accept me in one of your classes? Would any dance school? And are your classes like a dance school or are they for fun?

    • Hi Makua,

      All welcome to my classes.
      For your age I’ve ballet & contemporary fusion on Thursday, 7 – 8:15pm in Portlaoise.
      Fee: 90 per term.
      Please call me for more details.
      087 1328852

  5. Hey, I’m 12 and I’d love to start contemporary or hip hop, I have no experience in any. Am I too old to start, I’d feel out of place if I was.. If I was to do both dance styles would it cost double for a term? Thanks, Emma.

    • Hi Emma,

      You’re definitely NOT old to start dancing.
      I’ve Contemporary & Hip hop fusion on Fridays.
      Term has started already, but still time to join.
      Call/text me for more details.



      • Hi Erica. Thanks so much for the response. 🙂 When does the term end and when does the next term begin.
        Kind Regards,

  6. Hi,
    I’m in my 20’s and looking to go back to classical ballet, which I stopped in my early teens. I was at a grade 3 level when I finished. Is there any chance that I would be able to study classical ballet with you, or is it strictly contemporary dance for adults?
    Thank you

    • Hi There,

      I have Ballet & Contemporary Fusion on Thursdays at 7pm (It’s for 16+ years old) and Contemporary at 7pm on Wednesdays.
      I hope you can attend our term starting in September/17.
      Please call me for more information.


      Erica P. Borges
      Laois Dance Academy

  7. Are there any other classes available other than a Saturday for a 6year old girl wanted to start Ballet – no previous experience. Thanks

  8. Hi there
    Is it too late for my 13 year old daughter to start contemporary dance lessons
    If u don’t mind can I get the time it’s starts at and Price
    Thank u

    • Hi Lorraine.
      No, it’s not.
      However, what I have for her is more than dance lessons, but a contemporary dance group that functions as dance company.
      I’m not looking for experienced dancers to join us, but commitment is essential.
      We meet every Saturday, 3-5pm. This Saturday we’ll have an exclusive workshop/rehearsal 10-1pm in the Dunamaise Arts Centre and your daughter is welcomed to attend.
      The membership fee is 180 which covers dancers up to July.
      We perform in many dance festivals and events, therefore is crucial to have people that are interested in committing to it.
      Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
      Erica Borges
      p.S: Here’s the Laois Youth Dance Ensemble Facebook page:

  9. Hi,
    My daughter is 4 years old and she would like to start creative ballet class. Can you tell me when will start creative ballet for her age group ? How much is a lesson?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Ewelina,

      Creative Ballet class will resume in September. It costs 90euros per term.

      If you have any other query please don’t hesitate to contact me.


  10. Hi again ,
    How are you supposed to audition if you have no experience in dancing and youre not flexible ?
    ~ Amgad

    • Hi Amgad,
      During the audition, I’m looking for deeper things than flexibility and dance experience. Having people in the Ensemble that are committed, passionate about dancing and willing to follow instructions is a great thing. If the person is flexible and has experience is a bonus, but it’s definitely not what will make her to get a “wildcard” to join us. The trial/audition consists of a dance class and interview.
      Many thanks,

  11. Hi there
    My daughter has just turned 13 and she has always wanted to learn how to dance , her favorite style is contemporary/lyrical
    So I was just wondering How old do you have to b to attend contemporary dance lessons ?
    Can you please give me the address and tell me how much money it costs and if you do any privates ( give a kid lessons on their own privately )
    Thank you
    ~ Salma

    • Hi Salma,
      What I have for your daughter is the Laois Youth Dance Ensemble, which is a contemporary dance company. Trial/audition for the ensemble will be in September. Commitment is desirable to join the group. The fee is annual (180.00).
      Private lessons are according to location. Please call me for more details.
      Please check out LYDE Facebook page:

  12. My daughters isn’t a dancer and definitely not flexible
    Can I still she still become a good ballet dancer ?
    How many students do you teach (for 8-12 year old ballet)
    And can you have private classes for my daughter if that’s possible , thank you
    ~ Amgad

    • Hi Amgad,
      Well, in my opinion the success in a dance career isn’t based on how long a person is dancing and how flexible she is, but in the passion and commitment that she puts into everything she does.
      I’m hoping to start ballet class for your girl’s age in the 2nd week of September. I have also contemporary dance class on Fridays 5-6pm for her age group.
      Any other queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
      Best wishes,

  13. Hi, I live in America but stay with my family in Ireland every summer and was wondering if you have any contemporary summer camps? I am 15 years old and have been doing contemporary at a studio for a year. Thanks!

    • Hi Mia,
      Unfortunately I won’t have any activities during the summer. My last workshop before the summer with the youth dance company will be at the end of June.
      I hope you’ll have a great time in Ireland!
      Best wishes,

  14. Hi

    My daughter has just turned 3 and we would love her to start creative ballet .When are the next term or classes free so we can book her in please

    • Hi Gary,

      Next Term starts after Easter (9th of April). The class at the moment is fully booked, but I can put your name in the waiting list in case someone drops out.

      Erica Borges

  15. Hi I’m 17 and never done any kind of dance before. Would any of your classes be suitable for me as I am looking for a new hobby. Thanks

    • Hi Kelly,
      Thanks for your message.
      For your age I have 3 options:
      1) Laois youth dance ensemble: a contemporary dance company that represents Co. Laois.
      We meet every Saturday 3-5pm.
      Commitment is desirable to join the ensemble.
      Fee from January to June is 130 euros.
      This Saturday, the 9th, we’re having a FREE trial workshop with a short interview for those looking at joining us.It will be in the Dunamaise.

      2) Pop dance classes: Starting January 26th, 6-7pm in the Portlaoise leisure centre.
      Fee: 90 per term.
      The class is for 12-16 years old, but I don’t mind having a 17 yrs old.

      3) Dance & movement for adults: Starting January 26th, 10-11am in the Portlaoise leisure centre.
      Fee: 90 per term.

      Any other queries please contact me.
      Kind regards,
      Erica Borges.

    • Hi Chloe,

      He can join our Grade 1 ballet classes. It’s every Saturday 9:30am @ Portlaoise Leisure Centre.
      Please don’t hesitate in contact me for further information.

      Erica Borges

  16. Hi Erica,
    I’m wondering are you running any adult contempory dance classes at the moment or in near future?
    Kind Regards,

  17. hi, was interested in enrolling my 4 year old for the creative ballet class. Can you tell me when the term starts/started and the cost please ?!

  18. Hi , I would like to enrol my 3 year old daughter for creative ballet. Can you please advise the cost and next available start date. Thank you, Lisa

  19. hi,
    just wondering if the class timetable above is current? i am looking for a dance class for my 9 year old – ideally contemporary but open to ideas!

    • Hi Mary,

      Yes, it is current. Contemporary dance for your child’s age resumes this Friday, 18th Sept 5-6pm @ Portlaoise Leisure Centre. Any other query, please let me know.
      Kind regards,

  20. Hi I’m looking to get my little girl into dance I see the classes are on Saturdays zone is aged 4 . How much are the classes think you.

  21. Hi I am interested in any dance classes for Adults. I’m sure it’s a bit late to join at the moment so I’m just wondering when your next intake will be.

    Many thanks,


  22. Hi, I was wondering if its too late in the term for me to join a dance class? I would be interested in any type, but I think jazz would be my favorite. Is there an adult jazz class available? Thanks

  23. Hi lm looking for classes for an Adult. I’m a Latin / Ballroom Dancer when l was a kid. Still love Dancing and would love to know where you are? What classes you have? Thanks

  24. Hi Erica,

    I would like my daughter is start ballet. She is 4.5 years old, amy availability from February?
    Thank you

    • Hi Janet,

      Next Saturday we’ll have our 3rd class of the 2nd term for Creative Ballet. If you want bring your girl along you’re welcome.
      Any questions, please don’t hesitate in call me: 087132.8852

  25. Hi
    Just wondering about ballet for my 3yr old daughter. Do you have to join in a specific date and what is the cost?

  26. Hi…
    Just wondering what day and time do you usually run your creative contemporary class for adults??

      • Hello Bernie,

        No, you don’t need a partner to join Contemporary dance classes, creative ballet or Dance&Exercise classes.
        If you have any further query please do not hesitate in contact me.

      • Hey there
        Can you please tell me how much it would cost for my 12 year old to do ballet and she’s not really flexible and can’t do any tricks but do you teach her these things ?
        Because she really likes ballet and she has wanted to do it ever since she was little and we couldn’t find a place but now I’ve found one and I’d really like answers
        And one more question
        Do you give private lessons ?
        Thank u
        – Amgad

  27. Hi I’m interested in the ballet for my daughter who was 3 in April. Can you give me some information? Thanks

    • Hi Lorraine, Ballet classes are back in September – Saturdays 10:30am. If you need more information do not hesitate in contact me. I look forward to hear from you. Regards, Erica Borges (087.132-8852)

    • Hi Kristina. it’s 80.00 per term. We’re on Summer hols now but we’re back in September. Please send me your phone number so I can let you know when it starts. Regards, Erica

      • hi ,is there a contemporary dance class for 12 year olds in contemporary and if there is when and how much?

      • Hi Aoife,

        Yes, it is. However, What I have for this age group is more than dance lessons, but a contemporary dance group that functions as dance company.
        We’re having a FREE trial on January 7th, 10-11am in the Dunamaise Arts Centre.
        I’m not looking for experienced dancers to join, but commitment is essential.
        We meet every Saturday, 3-5pm and membership fee from January to June is 150.
        We perform in many dance festivals and events, therefore is crucial to have people that are interested in committing to it.
        Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
        Erica Borges

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