Dance in Schools


Why Dance in Schools?

ESRI-Arts Council study (Nov, 2016) found that children exposed to arts#DANCE cope better with school work and have a more positive attitude towards education. They’re also happier! 

‘Dance contributes to education as it explores a new way of thinking. It is not only  an extra-curricular activity that benefits fitness and leisure as some people may judge. It is a tool to develop intelligence,  self-esteem and to add new skills for life.’

Laois Dance Academy principal, Erica Pessanha Borges has been working with the transition years students in Laois teaching waltz and hip hop. She also taught dance for a number of years in primary schools as part of the Artist in Schools funded by the Laois Arts Office.

If you are a principal or teacher of a primary or secondary school  and wish to facilitate a new experience to your pupils that will enrich their lives, please contact us for more information. Bellow, you’ll find some videos to demonstrate the work we have been doing in schools. However, we can make arrangements to do something according to your  own plans and ideas.

Call now: 087 132 8852


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