Laois Youth Dance Ensemble

8 AM - 10 PM May 1, 2019

Contemporary Youth Dance Company under the direction of Erica Pessanha Borges

Facilitating young people to create and produce contemporary dance works to a high standard of performance, through weekly workshops, annual showcases and attendance at renowned national and international events, such as Dublin Youth Dance Festival and Paris Dance Project (France).

This year the Senior Group will collaborate with the boys of Company B (Dublin) to create a dance film to develop social awareness amongst participants and viewers. This project is funded by The Arts Council YES Scheme.

If you’re passionate about dancing and want to try it out before committing, come to our FREE trial. No experience required.

Info from LYDE artistic director 087-132 8852
Senior Group (Ages 13 – 21) on September 9th, 2:30pm | Membership Fee: ONLY €180 (Sept – July)

Junior Group (Ages 9 – 12) on October 6th, 3:30pm | Membership Fee: ONLY €100 (Oct – April)

 Workshops/Rehearsals Schedule:
3-5pm @ Dunamaise Arts Centre on Saturdays from September to June
For those already attending dance classes in Portlaoise or around the Co. Laois, it can be a boost into the dance skills besides making your local dance school/teacher proud. This exciting dance ensemble seeks young people who are passionate about dance, love to perform and have the commitment to make the most of this opportunity.

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2 thoughts on “Laois Youth Dance Ensemble”

  1. Hi Shannon. On 19th of September will be the audition. It will consist of a workshop and interview. You don’t have to prepare any dance in particular for this. Just come along! I hope to see you there! Regards, Erica.

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